On saturday, september 24th, 2022, my summer had come to an end. at cherry beach along the toronto archipelago's shoreline we (pumice raft tetc and event attendees) dug holes. we were just kids relentlessly prolonging summer with the wasteful act of playing, sand castles wash away. away. away. no one spoke (except for occasional exacerbated yelps in hopes of digging far and wide, hurling and hoisting oneself deep into the earth with great desire to not be.) I started digging where the sand was wet solids and worked gradually to dryness but it don't matter. only the surface dries. tide was low but then high again, crimson and clover over and over.. crimson and clover over and over.. . then gravity pulls the dry entropic sands that move into the wet, so i kept digging. keep the sand out of my newly exposed wet holes. having an open heart and tending to it is not easy. so i kept on digging. and digging . over and over . crimson and clover . over and over

i went from one place after another and sometimes i feel my heart harden. like sand it's surface dries but tide washes over. over and over. I went from one place after another and some other times i feel my heart pulsating against its hardened sandy crust when emotions wash over, over and over. Like the tide it's unrelenting. waterfront to la seine to the grand canal to river thames, against the current, borne back ceaselessly. A marée haute I took a trip to see the beautiful things. Change of scenery. Change of heart. And do you know?
They’re still there.
Ah, but they won’t be there for long.

On the night of september 24th 2022 Akira was on in Fox Theatre, 20 minutes of car ride away from Cherry Beach. A friend had an extra ticket and so i went after digging holes. light washed over us over and over. penetrating, pervasive. whoaaaa oh your hair is beautiful... ooooohhh tonight. Atomic. infinite amount of choices to be made and infinite amount of futures we could have; and yet in 2022 we sat in a theatre watching a 1988 sci-fi film, and yet the tokyo olympic went on amidst the chaos like how it did in Akira. slow cancellation of the future and eternal returns. against the current and borne back ceaselessly. as for us choices are still to be made but how,

On Edge