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Using the five whys method: why do people use this app? What emotions are associates? (Eg email associated with fear of missing out) 

Research just enough: stop asking what people want and study what they do, if there’s a discrepancy then there’s an interesting habit to study 
The 5 whys

Action = Motivation + ability + trigger
- always seek to create trigger, then decrease ability (make product simpler and easier to use), then increase motivations

Four heuristic/biases
1. Scarcity heuristic: users view scarce items as more valuable. Wine that cost more (fewer people can buy) are perceived as better quality  
2. Anchoring: anchor one piece of info when making decision. Buying clothes: 2 for 99 but if you buy one it’s cheaper, users associate the loud signs as cheaper
3. Delayed progress: punch cards with punches that are already punched a bit vs blank punch cards (already have made some progress). 
- tap can asks users to save some stories or show progress somehow for new users!!

- the hunt: 
- Different types of rewards
    - Hunt: uncertainty, people love to hunt and get variable reward
    - Tribe: social feedback, want validation from social
    - Self: alignment with internal goals and triggers 
        - Gamification: do people even have an itch? If it helps people get rid of their itch then YES! Does it align with people’s internal triggers? 
        - ***”But you are free to accept or refuse”, freedom to choose makes users more likely to agree. “But you are free” means they’re not forced to do anything. 



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