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Buying Triggers in F2P

1) Loss Aversion: Protecting what players believe they’ve earned.
E.g. Lose progress in game: "Out of lives, pay to continue with 3 extra lives"
E.g. Loss of value: "Tinder charging for UNDO of swipe left"

2) Endowed Progress: If people have made progress, they want to get to the end.
E.g. Level progress bar shows you that you're ALMOSt at level 3.
E.g. Progress bar to tell you you're almost at the end of the story.
- IF progress bar offers MILESTONES, then user has more reasons to reach end goal
-Also great so users would get attached to the game and NOT want to leave for a competitor!

3) Envy/Embarrassment: Showing off to other players in the game OR being jealous of something
E.g. Episodes: Do you want to show up at the party in this rag or this hot dress?

4) Reciprocity: Responding to a positive action with a positive action. If someone GIFTS you, you want to give back.
E.g. Get a gift (make sure users KNOW it's a gift)
- Might work better IF in a social environment

5) Scarcity: Wanting things that are RARE
E.g. Limited time offers (false scarcity)
E.g. Scarcity + loss aversion: One time offer, but if you close you won't be able to get this offer again! Are you sure you want to skip it?
E.g. You only have 2h to read this story!
E.g. HQ Trivia

6) Competitiveness: Wanting to dominate the game or other players

4) Impatience: Wanting to make progress quickly
5) Investment: Investing a small amount early which reaps greater rewards in the future
6) Social: Spending for the benefit of others

Buying Triggers in F2P

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