jess's question for the reading: advice for those facing uncertainty in their mid20s?

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cards present: death, laughter, noche obscura, innocence

drop the mask, let go of what is no longer, and say goodbye to what you're leaving behind.

you are witnessing the shattering of the different lives you've set up for yourself happens more often in your 20s.

the real 20s are the friends u made along the way. foster friendships and lightheartedness. you are in the present but you are also peeking into the future.

you're a baby deer with an unnatural calmness untainted by surrounding life... that is likely chaotic.

coincidental timing of the eclipse — ripping off a bandaid of change. until you take all the layers of masks, burdens, and coverings that you've accumulated in your 20s — is your spirit. a theme of being ok with the unknown. channeling the unknown + void into form & a process of creating. we're working on becoming.