in Robert Smithson's terms*: (a partially generated and generative theory) The Synsite (an entangled situating) is an inter-dimensional picture that is amorphous, and yet it represents an interweaving of actual and virtual sites (an amalgamation of the Pine Barrens Plains, ML-scene processing, and the hyper-saturated yellow-green of a pool of disintegrated oak pollen, for instance). It is by this inter-dimensional metaphor that one entangled situating can represent another entangled situating, which does not resemble it—thus The Synsite. To comprehend this language of situating is to appreciate the metaphor between the syntactical construct and the complex of ideas, permitting the former to operate as a inter-dimensional picture that doesn't look like a picture. ... Between the actual-virtual sites in their respective planes and The Synsite itself exists a metaphoric space of collapsible significance. Perhaps "travel" through this space is a boundless metaphor. Everything in and between the entangled situatings could transform into physical metaphorical material devoid of natural meanings or realistic assumptions. Let us say that one embarks on many fictitious journeys at once if one decides to seek the site of the Synsite. Each “journey” is invented, devised, artificial; one might call it a syn-trip to a site from a Synsite. Once one arrives at the “assembly,” one discovers that it is man-made in the form of a network, and that she mapped this network in an aesthetic and temporal entanglement rather than specific political or economic boundaries.

This revisited theory is currently collaborative but could be surrendered to the faceless corpus of AGI at any time. Like the sources they scrape, theories are also both used and abandoned. That theories are constant is dubious; that sources are singularly credited is increasingly doubtful. Vanished theories compose the dense data layers of countless LLMs.


The future of dynamic, decentralized, and immersive digital spaces.

Decentralized: syn-site operates as a decentralized metaverse, bridging physical and digital realms. This dynamic space, where reality's boundaries blur, allows seamless transitions between real-world locations and virtual environments. Reminiscent of blockchain's decentralization, syn-site encapsulates simultaneous experiences, embodying the coexistence, evolution, and interaction of diverse elements within a networked space.

Agile: syn-site embodies agility. Like a living, breathing entity, it thrives on change and evolution, much like an Agile development team. A syn-site integrates various participants, locations, and perspectives to achieve common goals, adapting and responding to shifts in environments and conditions.

Boundaryless: syn-site exemplifies a boundaryless platform, a site where traditional barriers dissolve. It evolves continuously, adapting and reshaping itself, incorporating new components, and reconfiguring existing ones. Its boundaryless nature empowers users, encouraging active participation and co-creation within this decentralized domain.

Syn-site is not just a place, it's an experience! It marries the power of blockchain technology, the adaptability of Agile methodologies, and the boundaryless nature of modern platforms. Syn-site represents the future of spatial interaction, a quantum leap in the evolution of digital spaces. Welcome to Syn-site, where every place, thought, or dream you've ever had can coexist, interact, and create new experiences. It's not just a site, it's a universe!