Sensor as translation tool. But this requires a common language. It wasnt until we began creating media and recording common consensus for what signals meant to us, that we were able to begin higher order system design.

Its only with introduction of smart contracts, iot sensors and legal and governance framework for ordering signals and refining the automization of signal driven feedback systems which are the basis for much of our modern world.

The Emergency Of Technological Art

an emergent new interdisciplinary art form which serves to act as a data translator and interpreter of complex ideas and events which might otherwise go unnoticed.

Generative Artists and Technological Artists continue a tradition of refining our signal flow, by first leading us to make claims over what is significant, what has meaning, what things are called, and by nature of how carefully we provide nuance in our social orchestration, that we get the world we design, through signals and artifacts which constantly offer opportunities to improve our claims and rights as citizens.

We either do this or it is done for us.

The Ecoblockchain frameworks Sense Engine, with the Sense TAG Feature, provide continuous educational and awareness opportunities to name and claim our world, and build local knowledge bases both personally and collectively, which host equal authority wherever possible and warranted, to restate our consensus positions on local issues which may be influenced by terrible federal policies inacted by Trump, without our interjection. With the organized interjection of a local community group, issues of importance can emmerge as simple items from f.b and twitter feeds, which are then given life and significance, as people begin to provide nuanced meta tags and identifier information, which allow ideas to evolve into actual referendum items and petitions, calls for massice social action, collective purchasing or divestment mandates, and other artefacts of a powerful populice endowed with inalienable constitutional rights.

The introduction of the Gamification Engine and Cooperative Marketplaces and Meetups, entire cities are able to focus their collective action efforts on a variety of video game and immersive reality games and social action rewards and loyalty programs which reward users for taking action in the real world, while blending the realms between citizen science data and video game action. Poke mon go finally gets a purpose which aims to harness all that creative energy to further refine and improve our sensory systems and daily activities