Thoughts on performance
The average page weight of webpages in 2017 is 2232K ( Image heavy sites may require more. Sure, not ideal, but sometimes this is necessary. For example, a filmmaker would have a hard time showing their work without a video. There are ways to negotiate around even this (ie: streaming), but the point is that certain experiences require more data than others. A paragraph of un-styled text weighs a lot less than an audio file of someone reading said paragraph. They offer the same content but are experienced very differently. The ends, at times, justify the means, but not always. Remember: Good design is environmentally friendly.

Below are a few records of the scaffold currently.

Approved Front End
~70K — JQuery (Custom Build)
~60K — Nuxt.js (

130K — Code

~200K — Fonts (Estimate)

Backend Options
• Prismic ( — Maintained, well regarded, affordable and scalable options
• Contentful ( — Maintained, well regarded, expensive
• Netlify ( — Maintained, regarded moderately, affordable

Oustanding Questions
• Does Nuxt/Vue contain hammer.js (or similar opt.)? If not, add vue plugin.