PostCard Assignment Instructions Pt 2 Before the semester starts students should either order blank postcards or create postcard materials that they will mail over the course of the semester. For blank but standardized postcards students may look here:

The minimum number of postcards from each student will be 12 but students are invited to send more and build on this framework… Let’s see where this experiment goes. Send the postcard by Monday of the following week. Before you send the postcard take a photo or scan of both sides. Keep these on your computer and we encourage you to post them somewhere online. Discuss this with your instructor and class.

It is important that that each student create the postcards. You should schedule @ 20 minutes per week to create your postcard. If a student uses pre-made postcards they need to modify or alter them in some way. Think in terms of text, images, design, and series over time. if there are an odd number of students in the class instructors are encouraged to participate.