What is this about?

This is a way to document the progress of my Master's thesis. It's partly a way to force myself to do work every day, partly a way to participate in https://pwr.now.sh/, and partly a way to use tools developed by the are.na community, like the platform this website is built upon (https://there.am).

I will be posting images, thoughts, short texts, sometimes incomprehensible or cryptic bullet points, but hopefully in the end I will have a working prototype of my thesis proposal.

Roughly, the idea is that I will design, fabricate and deploy in the world a number of objects that will capture, play and share in a p2p way audio messages. My motivation is to explore how a small decentralized network, supported by these physical nodes, performs in a real world scenario (in this case, the MIT campus), how the audience interacts with it and whether the nature of information collected by these objects differs from what could be carried by a conventional website. I am curious about the interaction design component, whether users would care about the fact that this is a non-centralized repository of information, and whether they are ready to sacrifice some of their "user comfort" in order to prioritize locality and data ownership. This is an experiment aiming to probe the question of whether, and how, we can bring the Internet back to a smaller scale in a meaningful way. Hence the title, which is "Internet as an object". The PDF with the submitted abstract is below.