"I am ceaselessly renewing myself. By consuming myself, I give heat to every blade of grass, every animal, and all living things without exception: it is fine with me if you call it Love. Cyclically I disappear and come back again. Similarly, to enter my splendor, I expect human beings to be capable of burying their pasts and starting a new life. I will help them. Where I shine I dissolve all doubt. I enter the darkest nooks of the soul and inundate them with my light. Pushed by my breath, you will cross the river of demented impulses and, purified, reach the region where everything grows effortlessly.

I shine at the heart of matter, I am its secret brilliance; it is nothing without me. But when it refuses me and does not see me as its vital force, it is a cadaver. I cease to saturate it with my drops of immortality. For you, my children, I endlessly engender joy and vital euphoria. Do not make yourselves impermeable to my eternal light. See how low the wall is that separates you from me. I created it so that everyone could leap over it- it's child's play. Beneath my rays you shall know true, naked, sincere affection. I am the solution of all difficulties.

I am the pure eye, and at the same time I am the resonance of the first shout. What you call 'darkness' is only ignorance of my light and my ever-present love. I ceaselessly herald the end of night. Everything that is not clear is not me. I am the perpetual and regenerative renewal, the one people wait an entire lifetime to occur. I am called The Sun, but I have no name; I am the radiant brilliance of life." - The Sun by Alejandro Jodorowsky