The celebration I chose to focus on was valentine’s day. I wanted to stay away from traditional and heteronormative ideas that we are so used to seeing blasted around media during valentine’s day but still sticking with the classic tacky colour schemes and imagery that is so commonly used while telling a story of love. Using imagery that we are so familiar with communicating love with like hearts, love notes, flowers, and lips all with a pink-toned colour pallet. I kept my composition quite central, while still balanced to centralize the story around the couple in the center. I also used various levels of contrast to push some layers forward and back, creating a scene in the composition, something that is emphasized in the animation with moving pieces. With a moving background within the arch and fade-in of the stars, it gives the illusion of the boat moving. With the joint aspect of the moving hearts, there is this sense of love being emitted from the couple highlighted in the composition.

Though I liked the overall composition and the outcome of it I do wish that I had created and imagined more of a narrative that would then be communicated better with animation, I wish there was more of a story being told. Though the imagery and colours I have used communicated the idea of valentine’s day well I also wish that I didn’t go so traditional in the sense of pink and hearts, and either went way tackier or the other end of the spectrum and hinted at valentine’s day in subtle ways.