Is a rock alive? What story would it tell if it was? A Rolling Stone Gathering Moss began by stumbling across a rock in the path. Taking on the rock as a subject, I attempted to document it in an ongoing series of transformations from photogrammetry to augmented reality to drawing to 3D simulations and onwards… only to ultimately fail in finding a conclusion. A Rolling Stone Gathering Moss is a breadcrumb trail of artifacts from the appreciation of a stone.

This project started in the middle of the summer. I had just moved to a new apartment that's by the Hamilton mountain cliffside, and I was going on these short daily walks through the woods there. Walking in the woods both reminds me of my body and allows me to think through the things in my head. I started noticing that there were these textural, mossy rocks in the middle of the pathways– sitting just off to the side, or emerging from the ground. I probably tripped over the first one.

At that time I had found a free-to-use...

+ 65 more blocks