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How to make more money as a freelance animator/designer, a thread. (This is not a get rich quick scheme sorry)

If you have your foot in the door with that skill keep an eye on what niches might be underserved in the studio but are in demand by clients. This isn't about a hustle. It's about improving your craft and learning stuff in a direction that is valuable to clients.

Now part two- closing the gap between what a studio charges for your time and what you actually get paid.

Increasing your share of the pie is all about reliability. If hiring you feels like a risk (ie you have bad communication, lack of experience etc) theyll factor in a bigger contingency when setting your rate. Theyll save that $ in case they need to hire someone to fix your work.

So the important thing is to treat communication, receiving and understanding feedback, punctuality, and generally making your client feel at ease as a vital part of your job.

And finally the easiest step, just make sure you check that the rate youre asking for is in line with what other people in your field are being paid. Don't rely on one source. Ask a few peers of different experience levels what their rate is.

These are all thoughts on earning more within the studio system. If you're working directly with clients to make an entire project rather than through a studio the general premise works but ignore the idea of being super specialized. You'll need to be pretty good at everything...

@benclarkson Til I find a way to make it a reality I'm gunna encourage people to reduce surplus value as much as humanly possible

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