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—— Emile Frankel, Music for NPCs. Jan 28, 2020

50m: "Improvisation in its purest form is goal free and necessity free. It may sound kitsch, but the politics of play are fundamentally anticapitalist and anti-neoliberal because it denies consumption. There is no supply and demand in an act of play. Roleplaying is also anti algorithmic: it’s improvisatory and a chance to exit the system and imagine yourself in a new one."

Sianne Ngai, Ugly Feelings
— Ngai, Our Aesthetic Categories (cute, zany, interesting; EF proposes: epic, chill)
Emile Frankel, Hearing the Cloud
Laura U. Marks, Touch
sections of Michel S. Laguerre, The informal city
Leigh Alexander, Distracted Boyfriend meme: stock photography
Roland Barthes, The Pleasure of the Text
Kristina Milnor, Graffiti and the Literary Landscape in Roman Pompeii

Nicholas Holm, "Art for Fun and Profit"

copied [block]:
thing about/for/to generate interactions with people

keywords: care, intimacy, connection
analogs: a conversation with a stranger/neighbor on the street, a chat at the airport: experiences, moments where there is a mutual recognition/acknowledgement of there not being a need to follow up

connection in transience

whats the website you were at before you got to your site? how did you get there? where would it be found?

a tool that tells a story
a tool whose mechanics tells the story
a tool that's more functional

raising awareness v. offering a solution/steps to start questioning

the default age range is assumed to be late teens, but is that really who this is for?

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