Peripheral nudging with the new tab page.

More conceptual info: https://notes.garrettvercoe.com/#Peripheral%20nudges

theres a lot of power on a new tab page to nudge you towards
specific behaviors

some examples:

  1. New tab page that tells you how much you've been using the internet and from what sources: https://www.figma.com/file/8Is5gIqe5grKKEcE38V4Kd/Untitled?node-id=1%3A6

  2. New tab page that puts up different quotes on each load. Can type out the quote to practice your typing speed and commit it to memory:

  3. A collection of sticky notes, similar to my "internet desktop' at https://collected.garrettvercoe.com/

  4. New tab page that instead of just a “task list” has an Eisenhower matrix / a custom visual framework for prioritizing your day

  5. extension that creates "open hours" to the internet, so you're not browsing when you want to be offline / doing deeper focus work: https://www.figma.com/file/BgtqwBxLcaw1N4wmP7mvjs/Internet-Hours?node-id=1%3A61

Peripheral Nudging in the Browser