As an industry, podcasts is still relatively new. The term 'podcast' was only invented by Ben Hammersley back in 2004. Since then, a lot has happened, but, you could say that is still pretty much the Wild West out there.

Audio revolution
The Audio Revolution

“Our eyes treat it neutrally. But our ears don’t. Our ears are hyper-discriminatory.”

“Whatever it is that’s being communicated, audio will heat it up. Imagine you’re in a confrontation with your landlord, and you can communicate either over text messaging or by phone (cooler, back-and-forth dialog) or by email or voice mail (hot, one-shot blasts). Text keeps things chill, whereas audio forces the issue.”

“hot sensory processing and cool sensory processing are like muscles. The more you use them, the stronger they get, and the stronger they get, the more we use them. We used to think that our neural circuits were relatively fixed by adulthood, but we now know better: they’re highly adaptive, and they strengthen and synchronize with repeated use.”

“Headphones recreate that environment: a completely private space, just for the two of you. Mobile phones and the internet put anybody in the world in your pocket, and then headphones complete the gap”

“Next time you’re out, look around at how many people are inside their headphones. All of that audio, all day long, is layered on top of a world of escalating loudness.”

“The scale of YouTube is ridiculous. YouTube reports 1.9 billion monthly logged users, with over a billion hours of content consumed daily. The majority is on mobile. It is the world’s second largest search engine and second most visited website, after Google. 400 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Nothing else is this big, except Facebook.”

“Most of the signal coming out of YouTube is people talking.”

“The medium IS the message.”

“But I suggest you give it a try. Go for a week with no headphones and no car radio. See how it feels. It’s an easier experiment to try than going real cold turkey and putting your phone away for an entire day. See what happens when you turn down the gain on your brain’s high-discrimination, hot processing mode. You may not notice anything. But I did.”

  • CJ Pais: Project Goals is building something in this space and I am very excited
  • The ability to take timecoded, transcribed comments on any part of podcast
    • Stian Håklev (侯爽): a blog post on combining ListenNotes,, and taking good notes
    • ListenNotes: a podcast search engine
  • better ways of finding episodes
    • What are the most popular episodes in this podcast?
    • Has a person I follow on Twitter appeared in this podcast?
    • Have they recommended an episode recently?
  • better navigation
    • possible to process waveforms into different color by different speakers?
    • have scrubbing snap to long pauses or changes in tone?
    • Search by keyword instead of scrubbing
    • Voice control, “navigate 15 seconds back”
  • sharing and archival
    • share a link with a timecode on Spotify
    • ability to add a podcast episode to a playlist on desktop
      • complaint tweet - response: “do it on mobile”
  • Save a history of my played episodes (how is this not a default feature I do not know)