Everything has changed
Diversity is proving to be profitable
The eco-revolution is here
Humanity is becoming the new premium
And we’re a collection of human beings

Everything has changed
Clients and consumers are people first
Pet owners and parents
People are complex, and today’s business
Challenges are more complex than ever
More than ever
Than fucking ever…

It is time to innovate, socially
Maximize the impact potential
It is time to launch a new vegetarian menu
Listening is everything

Business for Humans (B4H) delivers impact;
Create, improve, heighten and drastically enhance
Acquire, attract, increase, manage and elevate
Innovate, innovate, and innovate again

Creating Social CapitalTM is the solution
Creating Social CapitalTM is a mindset
Creating Social CapitalTM is our proprietary
Brand planning methodology
Our mindset is proprietary
And can’t be ignored

Our post-it notes are colour-coded
to the past, present, and future
to strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats
Our post-it notes are colour-coded
to the requirements for business success

Our people are people-people,
Problem solvers with great agility
Enjoy the outdoors, climb rocks
Know the different waves of
Coffee and Big Sur
Our people are
All white

Get out the vote with
Tilted typography and titillating words
Reduce, reuse, recycle
A new shade of sea-foam green
Both local and organic
Roasted coral and remember
Join the conversation

Custom canned water
Kombucha and Cannabis
Human rights, education and life sciences
Electric cars, new neighbourhoods to
Name and explore
To not once design think about
Power, a Black square on a
Tuesday in June

Not justice but inclusion
Not inclusion but diversity
Not diversity but empathy
Not empathy but Brown
Models in your feed
Line them up and make a grid

Not land but decolonial
Not decolonial but pedagogy
Not pedagogy but critical
Not critical but art
Not art but celebrity

Dear Elon and Claire,
Jobs and Jenner;
What we really want is
Spirit, love as a barricade
Pepsi as projectile and
Soup for our families