The barren wavy cobblestone alley leading from Grace and Broad 2 resident center to North Harrison St. at 5pm, October 26, 2022. Cool with a light breeze and overcast, leading to the cooler months. Is it possible for it to just be shorts and t-shirts weather still? Traffic stopping and going from the nearby traffic light. Cars turning in and out of the West Broad St parking deck and turning down the opposing alley way. Steam rising from the overhead pipes from the neighboring building. What could be causing the steam? Moss starting to grow on the sidewalk from the condensation dripping below the steam escape ways. Cobblestones shifted, only being kept in place from the gravel filling the gaps. How long has the cobblestone been here? Why not pave the rest of the alley to make it all even? What used to be windows now cemented up to now be part of the building's wall. Grace and Broad parking deck and the waffle shop just across the street. Both are popular places for their own specifics. One provides food for people and the other provides parking for people. But why are students supposed to park on the upper floors of the parking deck when the people parking in it are permit holders which are majority made up of students. Shouldn't it be like any other parking deck where it doesn’t matter as long as you have a valid parking permit for said deck? Many people use the alley as an exit rather than turning around and going back out where they entered. It's convenient as it just takes one left turn to a light then a left or right turn of your choice and you are on Broad street where all the shops and classes are. The big dumpster that always seems to shift slightly almost every day, covered with graffiti tags and poop drawings with flies around it.