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I’ve moved on from Coda and pursuing independent research and art.

Broadly I’m imagining futures of computing rooted in communal agency—one with new ways for making space, relating on the internet, and small-scale infrastructure.


I joined Coda to make software anyone can mold into shapes that matter to them.

I want to explore how we can make this the default and empower people to apply that agency to the internet.

I’m betting on software that optimizes for community over scale.

Here’s a rough list of questions and concepts I’m sitting with.

These seem like they cover a lot of ground, but they all "rhyme" with my fuzzy vision of a future of technology and computing where it feels like a medium for communal flourishing.

If you have the means and want to support my work, please consider sponsoring me!

All of my research, prototypes, and explorations will never be paywalled, but as an extra bonus, I’ll regularly send early behind-the-scenes for supporters.


Alongside this personal practice, I’d like to cultivate more collaborations! If you think there’s a seed that would be fun to explore together, DM me :)

I’m especially curious about more interdisciplinary collaborations with artists, space makers, and speculative writers.

If you made it this far, thanks for sitting with me and listening to what I care about. I would love to have you join me on this journey :)


also this thread of things that inspires me about what computing and using technology could feel like

Feb 10, 2023, 6:43:23 PM