Dr. Amelia Acker

nearly all of my students now believe that "the internet" is all/only social media networks and consuming content. How do you gently introduce the idea that a network of networks is more than just...commercial entertainment experiences via mobile devices?

5:18 PM · Oct 24, 2022

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Bushra Farooqui

not about access to physical resources, but about leveraging data to orchestrate physical and digital resources across the ecosystem, linking two worlds together —

2:32 AM · Aug 6, 2022

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Julian Posada @mastodon.social

Platform studies arrive at Yale! My seminar “Digital Platforms” has been approved and added to Yale College’s catalogue. It will take place next term. A preview of the syllabus can be found here: https://posada.website/syllabi/AMST268_Prev.pdf…

Big thanks to @gamespacenl, @laura_wexler, @Madi_Hatter, and @rgorwa for their feedback!
Among others, I think this course might be of interest to undergrads affiliated with or interested in @yaleisp, @YaleSTS, @yaledatascience, and @ISPSYale.


7:01 PM · Oct 31, 2022

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