Drawing A Hypothesis Part 1: Instructions

The remaining of the semester will be devoted to a cumulative final project. The final project will come in several parts to introduce you to new techniques and methods that will assist in Drawing a Hypothesis.

In previous exercises, you have performed a series of studies in observational drawing (drawing from life) and generative drawing (drawing from imagination). The following exercise is a method of generative drawing, one that relies on rule-based systems to produce emergent forms.

One of Paul Klee's diary entries detail the instructions to prepare lung ragout as part of his painting process:

Tuesday, a) a ragout of lungs spiced with blond spices. Recipe - Start at 1/2 past 11 - boil a little water with some salt, add whole lungs, 12 o’clock remove the lungs and slice finely on the board, 5 past 12 return the lungs to the pot. Ingredients added immediately: a chopped onion, some garlic, a strip of lemon peel, some horseradish, two carrots, butter and pepper. Ingredients at 1/4 to 1: Flour dissolved in cold water, some vinegar, a lot of chopped parsley, a little nutmeg. Serve at 1 o’clock. b) macaroni c) salad

He recorded his daily food intake meticulously and considers the steps of food preparation and consumption as a vital part of how the forms in his paintings emerge.

Write a set of instructions to produce a drawing or a series of drawings. Be as specific as you possibly can, and be attentive to the words you choose to allow for precision or ambiguity. Produce these drawings according to your instructions (it is important that you write the instructions first and then draw because you will inevitably discover opportunities to refine your instructions in the drawing process). Materials are open for your selection.

For inspiration, read Before Code, Beyond Speech and check out the Drawing Instructions channel on Are.na.

Bring your instructions and drawings to class next week and pin-up by 8:30am. Bring drawing supplies. Please bring your laptop if you have one, and have at least one of the following software installed:

Rhinoceros 3D - Trial Version is fine if you don't already have it!

For extended interest, you can also check out:

Grasshopper for Rhino - if you have a Microsoft Windows operating system. Works in Bootcamp or Parallel.
Autodesk Maya 3D - a 3D animation software. Free educational version and trial versions available.
Python - a programming language. It should come preinstalled on a Mac OS, the default version should be 2.7, but 3 would be good too.
Sublime Text - a text editor

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