I’ve seen other private researchers and enquirers cover this subject. There is something in this – and I have a scientific and esoteric background. We have some of the visible clues for the theory, but, as yet, we don’t have the missing details to back up the practical application at that time. The high incidence of buildings burning down may be due to later occupants not knowing how to use it safely, or even sabotage by those who wanted to safe-guard the secret.We do now have the scientific understanding but the application of it today is still suppressed. Sacred geometry and acoustics certainly describe universal power, and we do know that all religious and governmental control buildings incorporated it in their architecture. That elite knowledge was never applied to the homes of ‘common people’. Therefore, the ‘power’ that we are considering here reflects in much more than heating and lighting. Universal power feeds personal power too – we all know the saying “any knowledge can be used for both good and bad”. By the time electricity was devised for the ‘common people’ it was supplied at a cost, while those using universal power got theirs free. Nikola Tesla, who was born within shouting distance from the Bosnian pyramids, grew up understanding this, and is reported as saying his universal energy should be free for all. Edison, on the other hand, was an insider and his claims of discovery were not due to his work but an outsourcing of many other scientists. I understand through my research that the harnessing of universal energy was known in the megalithic period and ancient ‘sacred’ sites were multi-functioning places of ‘power’ – again, that word ‘power’ has many meanings and applications. We can reclaim this power.