Julia Turc

The power of AI is not creativity, but scale. Real stories can only be written by real humans. Delivering and amplifying them is where AI can complement us. You pour your soul into writing a screenplay, @StoriaAI puts its GPU cycles into illustrating it in 1000 ways.

4:36 PM · May 11, 2023

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Dreaming Tulpa

I was asked to come talk about "AI art" this Thursday in front of a small selected group of individuals who were curious about the development of the field over the last few months. Naturally I wanted to blow a few minds – in which I succeeded. Here's what I showed them

First course on the menu? Good ol' regular text-to-image which was basically my gateway drug into AI art in July 2022. The first image I've ever created reinvoked that magic I felt as a kid, where magic still was subjectively real.

We've seen an insane acceleration in image quality generated in the last 9 months. So how to better kickoff this thing by questioning reality itself. Can you tell which one of these images is real? Answer below

Answer: None of them. Sorry, I tricked you Both images were actually created with Midjourney v5.1 – the latest State of the Art image model there is at the time of writing this: https://midjourney.com Food for thought: How can people recognize if an image is real?

Just as a comparison. This is how things looked back in July 2022 when I joined and the v2 model was considered State of the Art. The below images have been created with the same prompts for comparison.


7:51 AM · May 26, 2023

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