1. Recreate a photo from your favorite photographer.
  2. Create a self portrait that reflects your personality. Don't settle until you are satisfied with the photo.
  3. Photograph someone you love deeply. Write a haiku about what you love about them.
  4. Produce a photo that could be used on an album cover. Describe the genre and title of the album!
  5. Recreate a photo from an album cover. Post the original album cover in another block.
  6. Take a photo at night with a long exposure.
  7. Use long exposures to light paint.
  8. Take a photo of the stars
  9. Take a minimal photo.
  10. Take a photo using the panning technique.
  11. Create a photo with a starburst. (Look up starburst photography)
  12. Create a creative advertisement for your favorite snack.
  13. Take a photo of an abandoned building.
  14. Take an action shot.
  15. Setup a still life with varying textures and colors and photograph it. Move the light source around the still life but keep your camera in the same position.
  16. Shoot a photo using a mirror.
  17. Take a photo that involves a reflection in water.
  18. Find a scene that includes all primary colors.
  19. Carry your camera around with you all day. Take a photo every hour you are awake. If you travel to more than one place within an hour, photograph where you travel.
  20. Photograph everything you eat or drink in a day.
  21. Recreate a photo from your family photo album.
  22. Photograph a fast moving stream or waterfall with a longer exposure.
  23. Create a faceless portrait of another person.
  24. Go to your favorite local coffeehouse or bakery and ask to photograph a drink or pastry. Offer to send them the photos after you edit them. (This will build contacts and possibly land a gig for advertising!)
  25. Take a photo of a landscape
  26. Set your camera up on a tripod and place your camera on a self timer. Take many photos of yourself in different positions in the frame. Photoshop the photos together and post the result.
  27. Take a photo of a subject through foliage.
  28. Take a photo based on the seven deadly sins.
  29. Take a photo of power lines / transformers.
  30. Document a campus event
  31. Photograph a child's Halloween costume
  32. Photograph a scene with 2 colors
  33. Take a photo of a busy road at night with a long exposure.
  34. Take an aesthetic photo.
  35. Set up and photograph a still life in a thrift store. Make sure you return the items whenever you are done!
  36. Photograph a naturally occurring pattern.
  37. Take a nighttime photo with a florescent light source.
  38. Take a nighttime photo with a warm light source.
  39. Take a photo of a countryside
  40. Take a photo of a place that reminds you of home.
  41. Take a foreshortened photo
  42. Photograph the most plain wall you can find.
  43. Photograph the inside of your bag or backpack
  44. Create a photograph that provokes sadness.
  45. Take a picture at night with a flash
  46. Use a flatbad scanner to create a self portrait
  47. Take a photo you are proud of. Print the photo out on copy paper, crumble it up, uncrumble it, and flatbed the image. Post the original photo and the scan of the crumbled photo in Arena.
  48. Remove the lens from your camera and hold it about an inch from the camera body (as if you were about to attach the lens) take multiple photos and see the results!
  49. Go on your music playlist. Click shuffle. Choose a lyric from the first song that plays and take a photo that is inspired by the lyric. Post the lyric(s) and the photos to Arena.
  50. Take a meaningless photo.
50 Photo Ideas