Entry 8 (on trying to make tutorials)

I have been trying to make type design tutorials for a few days now. I planned some stuff out (poorly) and just went for it. I did the "intro" video like 11 times... each totaling to around 45 minutes. It is not easy to do tutorials. The middle school kids I make fun of are actually very talented I realize.

So I am going to start over. I think I need to write a script that I loosely follow or something. Maybe even make presentations or something... I'd really like to depart my knowledge but my knowledge is a little flawed, im not an expert... I don't really understand everything. So more or less its kinda peer to peer learning. But thats okay there is no power dynamic that way I think. Its just important to me that during this time where schools are closed and the future is uncertain we don't lose our curiosity in being creative. During the 2008 crisis I went to school for applied mathematics because I was afraid being an artist would cause me and my family to starve. I'm sure there are a lot of young people in that very boat right now. And look, no one knows the future... but I do know that historically, creativity has been VITAL to getting people out of a crisis.

Alright so why is knowing how to make a typeface important? Well, did you know the roman's had graffiti? I bet you didn't, but you did know they had Plato and Cesaer. The ruling classes' account of history always gets preserved. The people's account often gets erased and forgotten over time. There are soooo many talented young creatives out there who need a stable learning environment, I would like to help and provide at least one.


Entry Five (on money)

I never want more than I need. I never want to be rich. I never want to make a decision based on whether I'll be wealthier for it or not. Even though I'm poor, and my family is poor, I do not want to have to live in fear of the lifestyle of a "poor" person. I want to have 1 dollar in my bank account and feel happy all day. I want to accept work that improves the world/my world. I do not want to accept work that improves my ability to express myself with brands. I want to be the creator of as many of my commodities as I can be. I am a designer: i have the power to design and make the cups I drink out of, I have the ability to design and make the clothes that I wear, I have the ability to design and make the shiny jewelry I like, I have the ability to make curtains, fabric, throw pillows, a couch if I try very hard, a table if I ask Noah's dad to help, I can paint my own nails, I can cook my own five course meal, I can make my own shampoo (if I try), I can travel for free with my imagination.

All I need is money to have a house, enough underwear, utilities, food, a bus pass, and health insurance.

I can be the creator, ad agency, store, shopgirl, designer, and hypewoman of all of the earthly commodities I desire.

I can desire less so that I can be a freer person.

I won't be fooled by the people around me who express their value with nike shoes. Or a fancy job doing mock ups for nike.

I will never need a phone or computer that is newest/cutting edge because I understand moore's law and also worked on a campaign for new phones that are no better than the old phones.

I will make more things with software that is free or cheap, or no software at all. Fuck you adobe, I will not rent from you forever.

I will seek educational experiences that are not tied to an institution that pays their educators nothing while I pay them everything. I will just email those educators myself and ask questions.

I will try to grow my own food from seeds.

I will go on walks for entertainment.

I will not live a life dependent on having more, I have enough now.