Entry Five (on money)

I never want more than I need. I never want to be rich. I never want to make a decision based on whether I'll be wealthier for it or not. Even though I'm poor, and my family is poor, I do not want to have to live in fear of the lifestyle of a "poor" person. I want to have 1 dollar in my bank account and feel happy all day. I want to accept work that improves the world/my world. I do not want to accept work that improves my ability to express myself with brands. I want to be the creator of as many of my commodities as I can be. I am a designer: i have the power to design and make the cups I drink out of, I have the ability to design and make the clothes that I wear, I have the ability to design and make the shiny jewelry I like, I have the ability to make curtains, fabric, throw pillows, a couch if I try very hard, a table if I ask Noah's dad to help, I can paint my own nails, I can cook my own five course meal, I can make my own shampoo (if I try), I can travel for free with my imagination.

All I need is money to have a house, enough underwear, utilities, food, a bus pass, and health insurance.

I can be the creator, ad agency, store, shopgirl, designer, and hypewoman of all of the earthly commodities I desire.

I can desire less so that I can be a freer person.

I won't be fooled by the people around me who express their value with nike shoes. Or a fancy job doing mock ups for nike.

I will never need a phone or computer that is newest/cutting edge because I understand moore's law and also worked on a campaign for new phones that are no better than the old phones.

I will make more things with software that is free or cheap, or no software at all. Fuck you adobe, I will not rent from you forever.

I will seek educational experiences that are not tied to an institution that pays their educators nothing while I pay them everything. I will just email those educators myself and ask questions.

I will try to grow my own food from seeds.

I will go on walks for entertainment.

I will not live a life dependent on having more, I have enough now.