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How do you use the internet mindfully?

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As you’ve carved out a space for yourself in your work, can you remember having any “a-ha” moments?

I think an “a-ha” moment for me was learning that I could work at a different speed than that of my medium. Digital art, new media, online publishing, and anything to do with computers has this very quick and demanding output regimen, and learning to work outside of those demands has been very helpful. Being able to be slower, being able to be more methodical—really just being able to work on projects that take a couple of years.

A key part of this has been learning how to do iterative releasing, as a way of participating in those demands. So, when a whole project isn’t finished or released yet, I can give people indications of my progress on that project as a way of still participating in those cycles. That’s been a real positive for me, to just be like, “You know what? It’s okay to take my time. It’s okay for me to dwell in the space of my work.”

— [Nicholas O'Brien on slowing down and nurturing your friendships](

Nick O’Brien on slowing down and nurturing your friendships
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"I’ve learned over time that keeping most of my thoughts, experiences, and ideas to myself and my close friends as they happen, instead of sharing them with the internet constantly—that helps them remain special."

— [Chelsea Wolfe](

Chelsea Wolfe on not being afraid to take risks
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Perhaps. Slow down. In so far as we care for one another, you are my vision and I am for you. We have come to this place on our way to something else, on our way to by groceries, to see more art, or to visit a friend for a cup of coffee. These pathways sometimes cross, as ours have today, and create the opportunity for bridging a gap that separates the self from the other. From one idea or moment to another. I am asking you to help me bridge the gap which separates the art world from the non-art world. In so doing, perhaps we can create a situation of trust and generosity between myself and you. Perhaps I can help you with a household chore to share in your daily responsibilities. Perhaps, in exchange, we could discuss my concerns about the art-life dynamic and you could help me to make a sculpture.

Ben Kinmont, Forse, Perhaps (1995)
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