Kelli Anderson talk: link

cross modalities: what digital experiences can you replicate in analogue form, how jarring do you want it to be/ should it be?

signal v noise — what are we not keeping?

the care with which we interact with the world

creating interactive games that rely on, are based on a set of simple instructions/rules

what nuances does computation lose (track of)?

treating the physical as digital experiences

its really hard to argue with something youre holding in front of you

building a skeuomorphic, physical, button

presenting a better, more loving vision of reality to ground collective action

paper based fortune telling

("ancient") modes of navigation, how humans wandered the world

playing with the material memory of paper

where the glue is, where the creases are

childlike wonder

?? metamaterial

low energy machines

paper based fortune telling: assembled by the person themself?
paper based interactions rn when we're so aware of touch?
articulating value systems
activating people's evolutionary wisdom, how they navigate space
what kind of context are you placing the info into
progressive revelation
what are you attracted to, the nature and flavor of experiences
how to package your experiences up for people
honing your own sensibilities

paper as technology; anything you interact with is/can be a technology?

telescopic questions: linked "why?"s

notes from K.A.