We have arrived at the following 10 points:

1 Approach: Our method begins with the concrete.

2 Generalist: Architects are generalists. The architect must return to the building in all its facets, with an understanding for the construction and building method.

3 Person: We understand the house as an instrument that serves our lives as human beings. Architecture can be challenging, but must always remain functional and livable.

4 Dialogue: Building requires dialogue: with the client, with the location, with the authorities. Dialogue is at the center of our work.

5 Location: A building also belongs to its surroundings. The transpersonal character makes us advocates of the context. We are accountable to the building and to its surroundings.

6 Handicraft: The material is refined by handicraft and gives the building its value. We strive for conceptual simplicity combined with the sophistication of craftsmanship.

7 Construction: Design is influenced by knowledge of construction, which relies on a credible proportion between load and carrying-capacity. Readability of the construction should facilitate an appropriation of the building.

8 Material: We trust in the persuasive appeal of materials to the senses of their own accord.

9 Sensuality: We seek an elementary expression in architecture: a comprehensible construction and the materials that are suited to them, that is, architecture that is understood by people.

10 Curiosity + Courage: remaining open to new tasks, constructions and materials.