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A Drawing Project
4.s13 Orthographies: Drawing Operations

There are three components to our final drawing project.

  1. A written proposal, outlining the materials, processes and ideas through which your drawing project is addressing. Refer to Open Vocabulary: a sourcebook and consider the terminology you are using. Will your drawing project include participants? Assists? Where will it be performed? What are the products? Is is iterative? Drawing Project Proposal outlines due Monday, April 2 in class. Please print out copies of the writing for everyone to follow along. You may compliment your outline with image references to your previous exercises and/or new material.

  2. Drawing Operations: an instructional method. This document should work as a field guide for navigating your drawing project, a supplementary rather than a replacement document. Consider the medium and how it works with your final drawings. Nikolaus Gangsterer used video as an instructional device and used it to project back onto his drawings.
    You may use Print or any range of tools to assist you in this process. Drawing Operations due Monday, May 7, in class. Any requests for physical copies to be printed should be submitted by today. This document will be forwarded to incoming final reviewers.

  3. A drawing project. You will have 6 weeks to complete your drawing series. There is no limit on materials used. More than one drawing should be produced. Due on Final Review, May 14.

A Drawing Project

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