after owning about 25 blobeye WRX (and some STIs and a T25 and a spec C) I can tell you this: 1. check if there is any oil in the engine by using the dipstick - if it shows nothing or below minimum, forget the car and go home... 2. get a OBD2 scanner to connect to the service port of the car (below the steering wheel) and check for any saved errors... 3. have someone with you who recognizes the sound of a damaged connecting rod bearing... (you have to make a test drive first in order to get the oil warm - then just rev and listen to the music - before drive someones car, have a look at the brakes and test them at low speed)... 4. make some slow turns forward and backwards with the car, to check if the center differential has any problems - starts bucking the whole car, first a bit then more and more after some time (gearbox change is needed then) that doesnt show when driving on the road in the beginning thats why you have to do slow turns ;)... 5. if engine and gearbox are ok you have a good car already, and now you can check engine gaskets and radiator for leaks... 6. go on a bumpy road to check the suspension, usually the strut bearings get fucked up first, you will hear it... 7. check the electric, lights - all of them... 8. check if AC is working... If all that was OK you found a nice impreza ;) known problems: *OEM radiator sometimes just leaks even when replaced not so long ago (upgraded aluminum radiator helps your boxer to stay cool), *AC compressor doesnt work - the owner often says the system just needs to be refilled but usually the compressor is dead, *license plate lights dont work - bad construction and rotting away, often needs to be replaced complete, *inside of the headlights have a crack - dosent look good, isnt a problem...*if the exhaust was changed or modified check if there still is a cat converter, if not the 2nd lambda probe must be deleted in the ecu or cheated with a adapter, otherwise you get a engine check light (usually when driving for some time constantly in 5th gear and about 50-60mph - error says system to lean) if exhaust is stock and the error comes anyway, your 2nd lambda probe is bad - replace it... Dont know about US blobeye but the US bugeye had the same weak brakes as the NA impreza - get a EU WRX brake system, its not as good as STI but still better then the NA impreza brakes ;) When using your impreza remember this car was not build for highway pulls, it has WRC genes and loves curvy mountain roads, always get it warm before you floor it and cool it down before turn it off, check your oil every 2nd tank stop... and never leave it in your garage during winter time - go and drift that bitch in the snow