philosophy of literature
Alex Anthony
Monday Wednesday 1:10 PM - 2:30 PM @ Frelinghuysen B1
Office Hours Wednesday 3:00 - 4:30 PM

this course is an introduction to philosophy of literature.

Required Texts

Walton Mimesis & make believe
Lerner Leaving the Atocha Station


Reading quizzes 25%
Attendance & participation 25%
Short paper 15%
Long paper 35%

Attendance, Participation & Quizzes

Attendance is required. Absences may be excused under appropriate circumstances.

There will be regular reading quizzes. Your lowest two quiz grades will be dropped, and your first two unexcused absences will not be penalized.

Your participation is essential to the success of this seminar. Please be prepared to contribute to discussion, and be respectful and charitable to each other.

Academic Integrity

Don't cheat. You will likely be caught and then referred to the Office of Student Conduct. If you have any questions about what constitutes cheating, plagiarism, or any other form of academic dishonest, please ask me.

You can read the full university academic integrity policy at

Topics & readings preliminary this will change

(A) Emotional engagement with literature

1/25 Radford. Anna k
1/27 Hume. On tragedy
2/1 Carroll. paradox of horror (selection)
2/3 Carroll. paradox of horror (selection)
2/8 Carroll. paradox of horror (selection)
2/10 DFW. Broom of the system (selection) fiction
2/15 sickos
2/17 Lovecraft. The Dunwich horror fiction
2/22 Calvino. The night driver fiction

(B) Imagination & fictional reality

2/24 Gendler. Imaginative resistance.
2/29 Hannah. Testimony of Pilot fiction
3/2 Borges. Borges & I fiction
3/7 Currie. Fiction as representation
3/9 Priest. Sylvan's box.
3/21 Walton. Mimesis & make-believe
3/23 Walton. Mimesis & make-believe
3/28 Walton. Mimesis & make-believe
3/30 Walton. Mimesis & make-believe
4/4 Lerner. Leaving the Atocha Station fiction
4/6 Lerner. Leaving the Atocha Station fiction
4/11 Lerner. Leaving the Atocha Station fiction

(C) Ethics & aesthetic evaluation

4/13 Gaut. Art emotion & ethics (selection)
4/18 Gaut. Art emotion & ethics (selection)
4/20 Carroll. Moderate moralism.
4/25 Tolstoy. What is art? (selection)
4/27 Ocampo. The clock house. fiction

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