This workshop starts with me wanting to spend less time in my head and more time in the world, wanting to pay more attention.

This workshop starts with me moving to LA—a city dictated by its relationship with water—and getting addicted to surfing.

This workshop starts with me recognizing that, at any moment, I am in a watershed—and that the watershed feels like a much more intuitive unit of space than a neighborhood, city, or country.

This workshop starts with wanting to be able to read water. It's clear, but brings with it debris, texture, and movement. How can we interpret this?

This workshop starts with questions.

This workshop starts with recognizing that water reflects the world. Literally. But also, along with the debris of the world, water rolls downhill. So this debris collects, often in a body of water.

And now we've collected here, now, as bodies of water.

What's your name? What's the closest body of water to where you live? Did you drink water today? Have you peed?


Take 5 minutes to draw a body of water you remember from childhood.
What did you draw? Where are its boundaries?
What memories do you have with this body?
What else does the body of water bring with it?
Why did water collect there? Where was it going? How did it interface with landscape, with living things?

Some definitions: watershed, arroyo, aquifer


How does emotional connection form? What does emotional attachment look like?

  • giving care
  • finding solace or awe
  • returning to a thing, over time
  • intertwined with "life narrative," or seeing something across multiple times in ones life
  • sense of connection (our actions affect this thing)
  • appreciation of services water provides (drink, food, recreation, etc...)
  • understanding history, gives us context for ourselves


Along the walk... let's ask...
- why is the water here?
- how did the water get here? where is it going?
- how is the water interacting with what is around it?
- what can this tell us about the history of where we're looking?
- how might this change over the day? the month? the year?
- how can we build relationships with this water?