By Ven. Dr. K Sri Dhammananda

Remember there are four kinds of happiness:

  1. Happiness of Possession – In owning your own property, house, land, business, bank account.

  2. Happiness of Enjoyment – Using what you have earned (which) you can enjoy good food, nice house, (comfortable clothing)  without abusing, bluffing and cheating others.

  3. Happiness of Debtlessness – Try best not to borrow from others. By spending within your own means, you gain self respect.

  4. Happiness of Blamelessness – Try to lead life without bringing harm to anyone.

(You must constantly cultivate) these four kinds of happiness. (Never) be lazy, do some (productive) work, do not neglect what you have earned. Maintain and protect what you have earned.

Later on, you can then decide upon adopting a Buddhist way of life, right up to becoming an Arahant. (But first, you have to) know how to adjust your way of life and how to associate with others. Who are (these others)?

Associate with good people, not harmful, wicked people. Support your father and mother and look after your wife and children. Don’t neglect relatives, help them (when needful). Develop your mind to the extent that you are not shaken by the eight winds of change – praise and blame, fame and shame, gain and loss, pleasure and pain and treat all the same. (If you do this well) at this stage nothing will affect you.

All meetings end in partings,
That which rises must fall,
That which is collected will be dispersed,
Birth ends with death

Edited by Ang Choo Hong