Francis Kéré’s work […] reminds us of the necessary struggle to change unsustainable patterns of production and consumption, as we strive to provide adequate buildings and infrastructure for billions in need.

He raises fundamental questions of the meaning of permanence and durability of construction in a context of constant technological changes and of use and re-use of structures.

At the same time, his development of contemporary humanism merges a deep respect for history, tradition, precision, written and unwritten rules.

Citation by the Pritzker Jury for Francis Kéré.

The same requirements need to be considered when building for the web. On the web, unsustainable patterns manifest themselves in the way attention is mined as a resource, technology is perceived as separate from emotional and social questions and the pace of technological changes is unconcerned with simplicity and learnability.

Building simply and effectively, with consideration and grace is possible. Recognizing and following the limited nature of everything is a strategic advantage.

Kéré teaches us the need for both utopian and pragmatic thinking when imagining desirable futures through design.

At the intersection of Utopia and Pragm…