Suggested resources from residents on how to improve your storytelling ability

took a class with Fox Harrell last semester (best class I have taken so far) and he talks a lot of interactive narrative and the future of storytelling
The MIT Press
Five Minutes with Fox Harrell
What are phantasms and how is the average individual confronted by them?

Ian Bogost is also someone that does interesting work - but both fall heavily in the gaming realm, so not sure if that is what you need?

you might find some useful stuff in material geared towards animators and comics artists (kinda echoing what kalli said about games borrowing traditional story structures).
Comics and Sequential Art is the first of three books in a series of comic boo...

^^ i haven't read this particular book but looks like it's ported over from a university course, so may have more structure than your typical storytelling/help manual.

my lame advice is to read both more fiction and philosophy? (not theory, but philosophy)

and poetry if you can digest that...

seconding the recommendation of graphic novel resources. scott mccloud's understand comics and making comics were invaluable in improving my own approach to narrative.

you may also want to check out theatre theorists. bertolt brecht used narrative/theatre as a medium for social education and change. you may want to look at the concept of ‘learning-play’ and fabels. take a look at some contemporary playwrights like Edward Albee, Caridad Svich and Sarah Ruhl.

as a resource for building narrative, i always go back to sam smiley’s “playwriting: structure of action”. there are pdf copies online.

Also, from a mundane ‘content writing’ perspective, i found this ‘better explained’ explainer ( and this Tim Urban interview ( helpful in building narratives that shape understanding of complex ideas.

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