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💭 What?

This is an ongoing research into the development of a "tool for thought";

  • A tool for understanding and designing complex systems
  • An environment for doing general purpose computation
  • A construction kit for your computer/smartphone

🤷 Why?

🚀 How?

I have made several "failed" prototypes over the last few months. During the coming weeks I'd like to compile the learnings from those and combine them into a new prototype.
The main ideas are:

  • An interface that has a low floor, but a high ceiling. It's accessible as powerpoint, yet as powerfull as a programming language.
  • Semi-structured data model, incomplete, fuzzy, evolves over time (multiple perspectives?)
  • The primitives are composable models/computers/apps
  • It consists not of "a programming language" but a patchwork of domain specific languages/interfaces.
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