Notes on 'Learning by Heart'

Creativity belongs to the artist in each of us.
To create means to relate.

There is an energy in the creative process that belongs in the league of those energies which can be uplift, unify and harmonize all of us.

Tis energy, which we call"making" is the relating parts to make a new whole. The result might be a painting, a symphony, a building. If the job is done well, the work of art gives us an experience of whole called ecstasy - a moment of rising above our feelings of separateness, competition, diviseveness*

Shoning the light of poetry on basic skills and daily living.
Teaching one self to keep our eyes and mind open.
Art is not separate from life

' Bit by exhausting bit we were pushed into an awareness of the pulse and beauty of life around us and how to put them together to make our own life song.'

To work, play, see, touch, laugh, cry, build and use it all-even the painful parts, and survive with*style* that's what Corita taught. She taught that art is not something apart frm live and living.

Tore away at preconceptions.
Exhausting the self-conscious approachh to art.

'I had a wonderful art teacher,. She didn't teach us how to draw or paint so much as she taught us to care.

The importamce of LOOKING

The importance of structure: how we thing of structure as somethign that is taking freedom from us, rather than structure as making our creativity possible by providing a framework to build on.
Having a real reason for doing something gives motivation.
Deadlines help. A need, and a goal.

Making connections. Create is to make connections, relating. How can become bright, hardworking, imaginative people? By learning how to use our connecting ability to make new relationships.

There are moments in the creative process when one is aware of great things happening, but I never feel that is the "Creative Process". It is only a punctuated moment of excitement in the larger process. The hard times, too, ae part of the creative process.

the making of connections defines and makes possible creativity

** To the extent we can approach our job as an amateur (from the latin amare, meaning to love) will we be successful in our work. When we pursue a thing for love, we are free to fumble and make mistakes. We are open to possibilities, embracing everything we have contact with.