Omar Rizwan

I like the idea of getting a separate Raspberry Pi to host each website I make, so there ends up being like a shelf in my apartment with a bunch of websites sitting on it

maybe it's like, it doesn't feel very computational or tool-like for the computer to start with some giant prior knowledge base of stuffodd -- i think i'm weirded out by software features that imply that the computer knows about specific human concepts (dairy, produce)…

something tempting about giving up on trying to create/scale/manage these central online hubs where everyone downloads their software, instead having this P2P thing where you have an exact provenance of where you got an app ('I got it from my friend Omar, who got it from ...')you should have to have apps transplanted to your phone from another person's phone

there's a lot of power in the 1:1 mapping of physical object (USB stick) <=> digital object (web site)USB stick form factor wireless web server?

i also don't like spellcheck and grammar check, for what it's worthmaybe it's like, it doesn't feel very computational or tool-like for the computer to start with some giant prior knowledge base of stuff…

9:58 PM · May 17, 2020

Tweet by @rsnous

"The media shaman relies on copy-art and on the duplicating of discs, audio and videotapes, videos and digital messages, as well as the unhindered proliferation of information itself.

[They] are recognizing the fundamental influence news outlets and other media have when it comes to creating enemy images, fear-mongering, and scarcity mindsets within the societal structure – currently characterized by the perverted usage of psychological knowledge in advertising.

Through the synergy of art, ritual and consciousness changing technologies the media shaman utilizes diverse tools and strategies in order to create and spread the "frequency of truth", i.e. the advancement of tribal bonds, mental hygiene and healing.

The media shaman uses technological and archaic means as tools for reality experiments, in order to hack and decode linear reality, to ‘update’ the old image of the world and to undermine the systemic fear- and control-matrix through [their] audio-visual molotov cocktails, literary viruses and powerful memes.

The media shaman digitalizes timeless wisdom, ancient tribal knowledge, form and symbol, ritual, naked bodies, whale songs, dreams, dances and visions into tape recorders, film and video cameras, as well as into computers, speakers and monitors all over the Earth – through the world wide web.

The media shamans are mapping and measuring the invisible landscapes of hyperdimensional realms of the imagination and are actively helping in offering new designer realities, spiritual frameworks and know-how, potential upcoming paradigms as well as theories of possible future worlds.

The media shaman studies [their] brain and learns to utilize [their] neuronal wetware by projecting the infinite possibilities and models of technological networks unto the inner space of body and consciousness so that the stored and saved inner knowledge within the individual and the collective can be reactivated incrementally.

The media shamans are laying blueprints for the self-educating citizenry worldwide, models and perspectives in order to use media technology within the Earthly village towards a spiritual daily plan and to restore the mental connection to their own, as well as to the shared spirit of the cosmos and Earth, of which they are a self-aware component.

The media shaman acts, instead of reacting.

As an active and aware part of the reality event, the media shaman is equipped with any and all tools, to turn the spectacle… into an oracle."

The Media-Shaman Manifesto