Rachel Karten

The way TikTok is favoring brands on TikTok Shop is wild. I noticed skincare brand Dieux’s views skyrocket as soon as they joined...so I dug in...

Their average video views grew 2,820% after launching on TikTok Shop. I've included two screenshots below—before and after launch.

Their first TikTok Shop video was posted on September 13th. The 10 videos right before the launch averaged 5K views. And the average views on the 10 videos after launching on TikTok Shop? 146K. That’s a huge jump!!!! The engagement is also good making me think they didn't boost.

I think TikTok Shop has fundamentally changed people’s relationship with the platform. I’m already spending less time on the app—where every other post is someone telling me what “navel pulling” is. But with these kinds of incentives for brands, why wouldn't they get on and sell?

Nov 14, 2023, 5:38:52 PM

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