Final review with guest critic Marek Nedelka, don't forget to sign up.

Enjoy the winter break!

12/13, week 14

Lunch break: ~13:00

1. Typography awareness: Collect 5-10 pieces of typography that you encounter in daily life, it could be from books, vendor signs, traffic signs, plates... Take pictures, and try finding the source type for your found typography, find out who is the type designer, which year the typeface is made, or remade, and any relevant story around it. Prepare a presentation for 5-10 minutes. Sign up for presentation slots
2. Sketch and draft for P1, print and bring to the classroom.
3. Sign-up for weekly share plan: sign-up for your designer and date

09/06, week 1
09/20, week 3

Lunch break

  • Workshop critique
  • Read On Motivation
  • Work time: collect 10 nodal points around the subject of your next project, arrange each of them on a 8.5 by 11 paper and bring your prints to the class next time.

Reading: Spend a minute go through the P2 readings, start with Bruno Munari and Alice Twemlow.

09/27, week 4