09.00 h
Wake up starter:
2 tbsp of starter
100 g/ml warm water
100 g bread flower
Let sit at warm temperature until it doubles in size, is bubbly and foamy and can pass the floating test ->
ca. 5 hours

14.00 h
Make dough:
200 g sourdough (1 part)
400 g/ml water (2 parts)
600 g bread flower (3 parts)
Mix with hands or spatula (get rid of lumps, flowerpockets, water). Cover and lest rest in the bowl ->
30 min - 1 hour

14.45 h
Continue with dough:
12 g salt
Splash of water (dissolves salt)
Get dough out on clean and non-poreus surface.
(SPLIT in 2 portions)
Knead by turning, slapping and pulling.
At least 10 minutes
or until dough feels elastic, smooth, and tacky but not sticky ->
Proof for 4 hours

19.00 h
Finish dough:
Drop dough on unflowered counter, sprinkle with flower and flip. Fold all edges into center until you get a rough bowl ->
Let rest for 30 minutes on countertop
It wil flatten out a bit.

19.30 h
Sprinkle with flower and flip. Fold bottom to top, right to left, left to right and top to bottom. Then bottom to top and roll up. Us hands or flat knife to slowly push the dough in in all directions (builds surface tension).

Cover a bowl with a clean towel and sprinkle with flower (mix of bread and rice flower works best). Dust dough and transfer upside down in basket (with seam facing up). ->
Proof in fridge overnight


2h before baking
Get everything ready:
Get dough out of the fridge ->
Let it get to room temperature for 2 hours.
Dough is ready when it bounces back slightly.

Heat oven at 250C. Put in Dutch oven ->
ca. 30 minutes

Bake the bread:
Flop dough on flowered plate. Dust flower off if needed.
Get Dutch oven out, place dough inside. Score the dough. Spray some water in the pan, put the lid on and put in the oven. Turn oven down to 220C ->
25 minutes (don’t take the lid off the pan!)

Remove the lid and put the pan back in the oven ->
ca. 25 minutes

Let the bread cool down.