The dry world of computational virtuality and the wet world of biological systems are converging to produce a new substrate for creative work, moistmedia, consisting of bits, atoms, neurons, and genes. There is also a convergence of three VRs

  • Virtual Reality (interactive digital technology): elematic, immersive.
  • Validated Reality (reactive mechanical technology): prosaic, Newtonian.
  • Vegetal Reality (psychoactive plant technology): entheogenic, spiritual.

At this interspace lies the great challenge to both science and art: the nature of consciousness. A technoetic aesthetic is needed which, in consort with moistmedia, may enable us as artists to address the key questions of our time:

  • what is it to be human in the post-biological culture?
  • what is the ontology of mind and body distributed in cyberspace?
  • how to deal with the responsibility of redefining nature and even life itself ?
  • what aspects of the immaterial can contribute the re-materialisation of art?…