2018 Recap of New Releases

Quiet - The best releases from 2018 that keep the energy low and the decibels suppressed. It’s a mellow set featuring singer songwriters, chillwave, acoustic, and voice-focused releases.

Heavy - The best releases from 2018 that turn the amps up to 11 from the depths of hell. It’s a brutal set featuring metal, doom, death-focused releases. The louder and heavier, the better.

Party Music, Complextro to Chillwave - The best releases from 2018 that start by bringing the bass and blowing out the windows, but devolve into chill tracks to close out the night. It’s a set featuring high-energy pop, EDM, house, and robots battling robots releases.

Pop Vocalists - The best releases from 2018 focused on Pop. In looking at some of the strongest vocal-foremost releases, we attempted to carve out an identity for what pop is in 2018. Ignore the radio. Play the releases.

Preach to a Beat - The best releases from 2018 that spit gold. While most of these releases fit solidly in hip hop and rap, we included anyone with a strong message and the beat needed to convey.

Listen Closely - The best releases from 2018 that make stop and wonder. These were the releases that made me stop and play the track over and over again to try and reassert my bearings. These releases break the mold and require listens to the full albums, not just these tracks. Eat your greens.

Grit Rock - The best releases from 2018 with full bands playing in the dirt. Some may call this folk or folk rock, but it’s much larger than that. You’ll find releases from grunge to sourthern rock and psychedelica to sleaze.

Grandpas Guitars - The best releases from 2018 with old, acoustic instruments. Most of you know this as Folk, but this playlists goes beyond that encompass any music that’s better played on a back porch. You’ll find releases from new americana to folk and country to swing.

Power Rock - The best releases from 2018 from rock bands that belong in a stadium. These bands all dress in the same costumes, have pyrotechnics and light shows, and hit every note exactly right every single time. Includes Punk, Rock, Permanent Wave, and a bit of Noise.

Whatever They Call Indie These Days - The best releases from 2018 known as Indie. That doesn’t do a good job of identifying the music, so let me give it a shot. These are the releases in direct conflict with Pop, but often garner more spins and fan bases than pop musicians. You may be disappointed, but does that really matter?

Lowdown House Party - The best releases from 2018 that make you want to get down and boogie with the band. It’s a brassy, bluesy set featuring some of the best big bands and brass-inspired releases. Get funky with it.

2018 Recap Playlists

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