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I was asked by a professor of psychiatry once if I ever experienced depression. I answered ‘not to the best of my knowledge/experience’.
He replied simply: ‘of course not. You move too much....’
I tell all people I meet but especially those battling depression, loss of meaning and similar states: MORE NON-VERBAL EXPERIENCES DAILY is what the doc prescribes and movement is the best medium.
Mishima realized the problem in a verbal only existence - all roads will eventually lead back to the unspoken thing(s)we corrupt with our words. 
The path there passes through the body, movement, stillness.
It has long been understood by some spiritual paths, processes, methods, religions and various systems but knowing is not enough, cause that is achieved through the same problematic medium we wish to avoid.
You must EXPERIENCE - through the practicum.
From Sun&Steel:
“Let the reader not chide me for comparing my own trade (writing *I.P) to the white ant. In its essence, any art that relied on words makes use of their ability to eat away—of their corrosive function—just as etching depends on the corrosive power of nitric acid. Yet the simile is not accurate enough; for the copper and the nitric acid used in etching are on a par with each other, both being extracted from nature, while the relation of words to reality is not that of the acid to the plate. Words are a medium that reduces reality to abstraction for transmission to our reason, and in their power to corrode reality inevitably lurks the danger that the words themselves will be corroded too. It might be more appropriate, in fact, to liken their action to that of excess stomach fluids that digest and gradually eat away the stomach itself.”
Have a lovely day, in motion.

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