Hi Mostyn,

So nice to hear from you!

Mmmm...I wonder whether it was a gazpacho or a salmorejo. I normally make salmorejo--the Andalucian gazpacho--so I think it was that.

Ingredients: ripe tomatoes, sherry vinegar (very, very important, but in a pinch use a good red wine vinegar--nothing else will do), bread (old and dry is ok, too), olive oil, garlic, salt

Chop the tomatoes and blend all ingredients in a blender with a good amount of olive oil, a little fresh garlic, enough bread to reach thickness you want, and some vinegar and salt. When well blended, pour into a bowl or pitcher and keep on adjusting the seasoning until it tastes good, adding vinegar or oil or salt. Cool in fridge.

For the fish, I'm not sure whether it is the romesco sauce dish or another one I like to make...I think I did make you codfish with a romesco sauce. You can steam or pan fry or roast the fish and then add the romesco. The romesco recipe is found all over the internet...here's one below. My sauce is particularly delicious because I used pimientos de piquillo, which you can maybe find at a good specialty food markets or online. They are very special, small red peppers that are grown in Spain and have an amazing flavor and you find them --pre-peeled and cooked-- in jars or cans imported from Spain.
Also, I think I may have just blended the peppers, almonds, garlic, red pepper, and some water--and didn't add the smoked paprika or sherry vinegar..so you can fool with the recipe, depending on your ingredients.

It is worth ordering an excellent Spanish sherry vinegar online to have in your pantry, and some pimiento de piquillo while you are at it...and maybe some smoked paprika or pimenton ahumado.


If this doesn't sound like the right fish you remember, it could have been another dish I make with roasted cherry tomatoes, minced herbs, garlic, and olives...Does that sound more like it? Let me know and I will send it to you.

Big hug