I’m a lawyer.

I use ChatGPT daily.

I feel like causing some chaos in my profession.

The following is PART ONE of a series I’m calling:

“Things ChatGPT can do right now that (maybe) you no longer need to pay lawyers for!”

[*Please see the disclaimers at the end]

8 - Perfecting the Prompt

Draft Two —

Issue: Can I withhold my tenant’s possessions and sell them to recoup back rent?

Facts: I own a storage facility. One of our customers is behind on rent and owes us $750. They’ve sent us a demand letter and want their possessions.…


A quick Google search revealed that the name of the applicable law was off.

You should always double-check the info you receive from ChatGPT or any other source against other sources.

9 - Run the Prompt

You drop the prompt into ChatGPT and run it.

Here’s what it tells you:

  1. You are permitted to sell a tenant’s possessions and recoup unpaid rent, and

  2. You must follow specific steps under Colorado law to do so legally, including
    • providing written…

10 - Written Notice to Customer

The first step is to send a notice.

That’s time consuming, so let’s have ChatGPT prepare it.

Below is what it came up with. Not too shabby.

“[Your Name and Address]

[Customer Name and Address]
[Last Known Address]
[Broomfield, CO…

11 - Publish Notice of Sale

The next step is to publish a notice of sale in a “newspaper of general solicitation.”

Let’s have ChatGPT prepare this also.

Below is what it came up with.

Again… not terrible.

[Your Business Name]
[Address of Storage Facility]

12 - Publish Notice of Sale

But wait, I’ve never published anything before and have no idea what a “newspaper of general circulation” is.

Again, let’s ask ChatGPT!

It delivers… again.

13 - A few closing notes —

  1. Thoughtful feedback is welcomed and I encourage you to poke holes in this, but please remember this thread is being provided for illustrative and thought experiment purposes only.

  2. A high-quality lawyer will obviously be able to nit pick this…

**Disclaimer: This guide is meant for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. It is essential to consult with an attorney or other advisors regarding all legal and other personal matters of importance.

Equitable access to legal…

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