Dear diary,

Today we had our second broadcast in the small room next to the canteen. Kin (Oil Boy) woke us up with some great mushy morning tunes. We talked to super nice people and had very interesting conversations about last week Artistic Research performance and exhibition with Katrina. We invited Kevin and Chloé over to talk about their profession and workshop they're currently giving in the Non-Linear Narratives MA. This was very interesting, but it also made me question if we want to be this informative tool. What does it mean to have these informative discussions and how would they come across? What kind of tool/platform do we want to be? Maybe we created a certain vibe today: a very 'profes' (as Jack would say) broadcast (apart of some technical difficulties and sound distortion) which might lead to this certain idea or image like every other radio or podcast platform (for example like the e-flux journal podcast). This is obviously not what we are and want to do. These conversations and interviews are very interesting and should definitely be a part of the Wednesday programme, but besides this we would like to focus also on the collaborative playfulness part and providing this platform: the collective and social hub we want to create within the school, the gathering place or however you like to call it. We basically don't want our programme to be some sort of pretentious platform by only having very interesting (and rather serious) talks but keep in mind we are in a learning environment and a place to try out stuff and play. The two of them can be combined also. We need to stay reflective upon what we're doing, who we're inviting and how we communicate this: creating a platform for and with other students, teachers, staff and whoever wants to.

Today this led to the fact that, besides having interesting conversations, we need to emphasise more on the 'Open Call' format: opening up and collaborating with all the others within and outside of the school. Maybe something like open conversations between student and teacher/canteen staff but also some tryouts people want to do and use the radio for. Also, we need to become more visible so people would know what we are doing and that they can participate. This comes with a certain ‘identity’, that for now really needs improvement and playfulness but can also be a changing or growing design. By creating this open diary we hope to reflect and keep on (re)formulating our intentions for this radio platform. Lots to do! XO, Esther

Ohhhhh and a JINGLE, of course!