I had a dream that I was in a space with people that I’ve met before.

We were all our age now I looked and felt great everybody looked relatively OK.

We were all youth millennials and gen Z

However the host then gave us instructions that we are to stand up talk to one person and read a poem to them.

It’s funny because everyone started frantically looking for a person like it was a high school project.

Now mind you I’m a poet. So while this is happening on lucid dreaming slightly thinking to myself
“ well of course this is all about poems”

But I was genuinely curious to see what the other individual was going to read to me

So we had to stand up face-to-face introduce ourselves with our name shake each others hand and then read a poem to.

The journal that I took out of my bag was leather and black with a pen and highlighter already tied in it- sexy lol

Anyway once we read the poem we had to walk backwards to our seat until our partner understood the meaning of the poem.

My partner poem was very short

I can’t remember everything

But she said something about “what’s electric eels in a city “

She then explained that she’s an artist and she feels like when she goes on the train it sometimes feel like she’s on an electric eel.

 my poem I did not get to read because I woke up but I do remember seeing the word Yankees in it.

What I found beautiful about the poem though is that when she explained what that meant that phrase

My mind panned to all of the youth that have sacrificed so much for their family and for their selves and the only way to the opportunities or places in their life was the trains

Idk idk idk