I still can’t believe I protested to an empty building.

That concept makes me quite angry when I think about it right now

It’s another reason why my longtime plan is having somewhere to call home outside of this racist country

They made their decision and went home when 2/3 of Americans don’t agree with it

I could be transparent and give my point of view about how I really feel about abortions being banned and my experience but everything I say can now be used against me in court so I’m gonna leave it alone forever until this is over 

Can’t wait to ask my mentors in cybersecurity about this for our digital privacy sense. Everybody’s gonna need a virtual sandbox browser for sure. Finding reliable VPNs that arent selling their information.

If a woman orders abortion pills in a state that doesn’t allow abortions to her home is that illegal ?
I’ve read articles about women being taken to court in regards to abortions and being held in jail for
three years while on trial.

Another woman had to turn her phones in and they were able to find forensic evidence of her mentioning abortion pills.

This sick asf

It may be best to have bootable USB drives with different operating systems available.  Women need to be able to search / order resources without the fear of being tooken 2 court and the evidence being used against them.

Then STOMP on the USB drive when they’re finished
{Technically burn & lol we can still pull data from it broken}

Hacktivist thought