No. That would be sadists, not psychopaths.

Psychopaths do no care about other people. I don’t care to help them, I don’t care to harm them. For the most part, save for necessary interactions, or things that I want or enjoy, I do not want to deal with other people at all.

People think that we like hurting people because they think that we get some joy out of withholding the things they hold so dear such as attention, affection, and empathy. The fact is, we do not have a need or desire for any of those things, so any of it you get from us is an accommodation, not something that we have any interest in providing.

Is that mean? Nope. It simply is what it is. When I am invested in someone I not only have no interest in harming them, I will also make it a point to do what is required of me to keep them in my life.

If you are someone that I am not invested in, not only do I have no interest in harming you, I also have no interest in you. If that causes hurt feelings, that would be a ‘you’ problem, not a ‘me’ problem.

No empathy, no reason to give care to your suffering. As I said, that is a ‘you’ problem. By that same token, I do not want, nor do I need your attentions, accommodations, or your concern. As much as I do not care about you, I would appreciate that same level of concern for me. My life, my business.

For some reason our lack of giving a crap about others is misconstrued into liking to cause harm. Not remotely true, we just don’t care about what we consider things that do not concern us.

Do psychopaths enjoy hurting people in …